The COOLIEF* Procedure can make chronic knee pain a thing of the past.

Chronic knee pain caused by osteoarthritis can be unbearable, persistent and difficult to treat. The COOLIEF procedure may be an option. And the Salina Regional Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Clinic is performing the increasingly-popular COOLIEF procedure with excellent results. COOLIEF is a radiofrequency treatment, also called an R-T. It uses cooled radiofrequency energy to safely, directly and accurately target the knee’s sensory nerves, blocking the nerve paths that send pain signals to the brain. It’s the first and only R-T that’s FDA-cleared for osteoarthritic knee pain and chronic anterior knee pain. COOLIEF is not a steroid, nor opioid. It is a minimally-invasive outpatient procedure with quick recovery times. And it can provide pain relief up to twelve to eighteen months with improved mobility and physical function.


How COOLIEF works

The RF energy creates a treatment area that safely deactivates the pain-causing sensory nerves, while leaving motor nerves intact to preserve function. The COOLIEF radiofrequency generator transmits a small current of thermal energy through a water-cooled electrode placed within the knee’s tissue. COOLIEF is the only currently known thermal RF system using water-cooled technology to safely ablate difficult-to-reach nerves.

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Watch video for more information about the Coolief procedure